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What’s the reason for your seasoning?

We don’t mean to preach to the choir but…

Is this thing on? We don’t mean to yell… But bland food is the devil (so we are told!)

We’ve all been there…

A time crunch.

A manic Monday.

A terrible Tuesday.

A weary Wednesday.

We get the picture, right? You just don’t want to cook.

But… In spite of all that, mouths must be filled with sustenance – making something basic but making it, different.

Wives, husbands, kids or if you are a restaurateur cooking/feeding the legions in the age of COVID-19.

You’ve probably wrestled with finding that mystical blend that bestows bland food with the Lazarus effect (making it get on up).


At ease… We’ve got what you need!

And if you don’t believe us – look at the rumblings from our customers!

Aren’t you curious or hungry?

We are becoming a regular presence in cupboards across the country… and we are equal parts humbled and honored!

Stay in the loop and treat your food and palate to a Happy Dance… Order yours today!

Next up on the Blog…

We are looking to include some recipes from the legions! Helllllooooooo! We summon all of your Rite on Thyme infused dishes!

Let’s see what your hands have wrought!

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