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We are helping to save palates over here!

Here at Rite on Thyme… We’ve been known to say that bland food… is the work of the devil! Strong words we know, but this is serious work and why we’ve dedicated ourselves to being the savory saving grace in all of your key dishes.

Case in point… we saved the Food Blogger Shun P. Writes from the indignity of falling back on his seasonings of yesteryear and in acknowledgement of this close call, we decided to be proactive in saving others from the same fate!

That said…

We are now offering a discount of 10-15% off!

The favorite seasoning blend of a growing legion of foodies and… doggies!

(We have the visual evidence, see below)

Woof once for yes and growl for no…. (Hint) He woofed!

Yes… We are beloved by man’s best friend… Now, how can you argue with that?






and… Most importantly.


It is quite simple – allow us to explain.

When you sign up for a monthly subscription you get the ease of your seasoning order coming to your door, automatically and more importantly… you can pocket the savings and the indignity of bland food!

Even better… There is no obligation.

You can cancel at anytime, but why would you?

Comfort food is a salve for the soul and stomach… is it not?

Our next post?

Giving your blues some comfort food?

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